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How Brainwave Optimization™ Works

Brainwave Optimization™ begins with an assessment of the individual’s brain patterns.

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ADD, ADHD, Autism

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Rose-Anne Partridge is the founder and owner of Real Life Changes. Rose-Anne Turunen owner of Real Life Changes Wellness Clinic Her goal is to provide solutions for people looking for a balanced life -- full of health, wellness, and vibrancy. It's her passion in particular to help our children grow into their fullest potential. MORE ABOUT US

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Brainwave Optimization™ has helped Elmer significantly. Elmer has gone from a state of being totally disconnected with his surroundings to being fully aware of his surroundings. He has demonstrated his ability to cognitively make his own decisions such as what he wants to eat or drink and when and where he wants to go. [...] Over the past several months, we have noticed his quality of sleep has increased and if he does happen to wake up, he goes right back to sleep. From my personal perspective, any progress is a major milestone in my eyes as his mother who knows where he once was along this journey.
Anita Hess, mother of Elmer Hess, 21-year-old with Down’s Syndrome
I got to see Alex change right before my eyes. It was amazing. By the sixth session, Alex would ask questions about the story I was reading to him. By the ninth, I could ask him what I read, and he could tell me what happened in great detail. This was a miracle for us. By the tenth session, he was quiet and as could be. He was so much happier. I always knew Alex was an extraordinary kid. Now I am going to be able to find out just how extraordinary he is. Thank you.
Autism, Sensory Processing Issues, Anxiety -- Jana, Alex's mom, 9 year old boy
My seven-year-old son is autistic. My son didn't speak to people nor play with children because he didn't understand what they said. His entire life changed after Brainwave Optimization™. He is now in the first grade and is reading quite well. Math is exceptional. He now plays with the other children and understands what they are saying to him and can speak with complete sentences.
Autism -- Sam, 7 years old

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